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Finny the Flying Fish is a mischievous and adventurous fish who makes friends easily. He is not just a cartoon character though as Finny faces the unknown with boldness and courage and determination and will give those who also face challenges an example to emulate and a pattern to follow during times of difficulty.
Here are (10) rhyming stories about adventures of Finny the Flying Fish along with songs, stuffed animals, finger puppets, origami, Finny Pennies and ether activity items that fascinate and educate children of all ages. Additionally, not only are the stories poems but they are also songs and each story may be sung as well as read.
Finny the Flying Fish was inspired through an experience on an ocean voyage. Flying fish would fly onto the boat, originating the ideas presented in this brochure. It is our fond hope to offer these stories and associated material for the benefit of children everywhere. If a new dimension of healing can be found, then it will be because other people have helped to find it. We must all act together to find new ways. If lives are saved then we all will rejoice at the blessings we are given.

Finny the flying fish Stories!

(Including Ebooks, Foldabooks, and Videos!)

Episode 1

Finny’s Trip

Finny goes to a fishing town and finds danger as a small fish. (SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH FINNYS FIRST ADVENTURE!)

Episode 2

Finny and the Deep Down Cave

Finny finds a mermaid trapped in a cave.

Episode 3

Finny and the Huricane

Finny gets blown away.

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Who is M.R. Greenjacket?

Some Facts about M.R. GreenJacket

M. R. GreenJacket loved the sea and wrote poem stories during storms and hurricanes.  Many times he had no paper to write on and so he would scrawl lines of poetry on the backs of sails and brown paper sacks.  Later these were collected and made into a book.

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M. R. GreenJacket had a pet shark who would swim to the side of his boat if he sang into the water while blowing bubbles. The shark had a bad tooth and couldn’t chew on one side so he would bring fish for M. R. GreenJacket to cut up and feed back to him.  He would not let M. R. GreenJacket look into his mouth and take out the tooth, though.

M.R. GreenJacket & Finny The Flying Fish

During one of his voyages, M. R. GreenJacket encountered Finny the Flying Fish who one night, flew onto the deck of his boat.  After this experience, all  (10) ten of the Finny stories were written.

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All the Finny stories can be sung as well as read because M. R. GreenJacket heard music notes as the wind blew through the rigging of his boat during a raging storm.  This so inspired him that he wrote all the Finny stories so that they could be sung as well as read.

The Vision of M .R. GreenJacket

When M. R. GreenJacket was 8 years old, he had a terrible illness and remembers receiving a bouquet of flowers from a friend who lived down by the seashore near some big rocks.  He doesn’t remember what kind of flowers they were, but they were purple and yellow and he believes that they helped him get well. 

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M. R. GreenJacket loved all kids and wrote his stories and songs to encourage children who experience difficult times in their lives.  His dream was always to connect kids through projects using his stories.  He believes that by doing projects for others, there will come an extra bit of courage or encouragement needed for a healing.