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What is WhaleWishes.org?

WhaleWishes.org is a compassionate platform created to spread joy and hope among children in hospitals. Through stories, activities, and the unique Whale Wishes messages, we aim to bring smiles to brave young faces in hospitals!

How can my child participate in WhaleWishes.org activities?

Participation is simple and free! Just visit our Activities section, choose an activity that delights your child, and let the fun begin. We’ve designed everything to be accessible and child-friendly.

What safety measures does WhaleWishes.org have in place?

We prioritize the safety of our young users. All activities and interactions on the site are monitored, and we adhere to strict privacy and safety standards to ensure a secure environment.

How does WhaleWishes.org protect my child's privacy?

Your child’s privacy is our top concern. We comply with COPPA and other privacy laws, never collect more information than necessary, and use robust encryption to safeguard data.

Who can send a Whale Wish?

Anyone can send a Whale Wish! It’s a free, heartfelt way to communicate support and positive thoughts to a child in a hospital! Keep in mind, the Whalewishes are made to be sent to encourage a kid in a hospital.

How are Whale Wishes delivered?

Whale Wishes are delivered digitally through our platform. Once a wish is made, it’s sent to the recipient’s email through [email protected]

How is WhaleWishes.org funded?

We are a non-profit organization funded by donations from generous individuals and sponsors who share our vision of supporting hospitalized children.

How can I support WhaleWishes.org?

Support comes in many forms—donations, volunteering, or simply sharing our mission with others. Visit our ‘Donate’ page to contribute or our ‘Join the Fishtank” section for further info!

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

For detailed information on our Privacy Policy, please scroll to the footer of our website where you can find the link to the full document.

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